you probably won’t read this.

    You probably won’t read this, that’s good, because this is just a long ass text post and its probably unimportant to you. Actually I wrote this text last night, but my stupid internet broke just when I about to post this, pity. Okay, before you even start reading what the actual content of this text, I just want you to know I wrote this while listening to sad songs, so I am not sorry if this text is too melancholy-ish or overreacting or anything. I am not sorry.

    Its Saturday night, all my friends probably going out with their friends or anything else. Not me. I just stay home, in my room, alone, listening to sad songs, probably bawling my eyes out, opening a shit load of Wikipedia page in my browser tab. Maybe you guys found it weird for me to open Wikipedia page, but somehow it feels good to educate yourself once in a while, it makes you feel less-stupid than you actually are. I do this very often, almost every Saturday in the past 3 months, I regret nothing. And by doing this, sometimes there’s a lot of thoughts ran across my brain, some of them are silly, some of them is just less-silly. And I’m considering this one as less-silly, probably worth reading. But if you don’t want to read this that is completely okay. Just like what I said before, this is a long ass text post.

    Let’s just get to the point. I was wandering around in the mighty universe of the Internet, and I found the word ‘Ocra’. Just like everybody else when they found an unknown thing or phrase, I looked it up on the mighty Google. It turned out ‘Ocra’ is the Latin term for Whale. And speaking of whale, I always love Killer Whale. They’re just the best kind of fish/mammal. I mean, look at them. Black and white color scheme, classy. Eye-shaped white pattern, its like their own personal sunglasses. And their singing ability, amazing. Back to the point, and in their Wikipedia page, there’s this circle chart called The Conservation Status Chart. The Conservation Status Chart indicates that animal’s Conservation Status (duhh).

    I clicked the Conservation Status Chart, and Wikipedia redirect me to the Conservation Status page. The Conservation Status Chart itself consist of 7 circles, each circle has two letter written in capital. EX for Extinct, EW for Extinct in the Wild, CR for Critically Endangered, EN for Endangered, VU for Vulnerable, NT for Near Threatened, and LC for Less Concern. There was a list of animals and their Conservation Status. I read them one by one, and I was like “Whoa, What?” “That is not true, Isn’t it?” “Impossible!” and “WTF”

    My reaction goes on and on as I read the list. The thing is, there’s a lot of animals I didn’t even knew about to extinct. Some of them are from my own Country, but that wasn’t what makes me concerned the most. I am concerned about the Human being. From my own country, there was a few animal with a CR status. Like Sumatran Orangutans and Javan Rhinoceros. I opened both Wikipedia page. Looking at the photo of the innocent Orangutan hanging in a tree makes me want to cry. I mean, they’re completely Innocent, they did nothing to harm us. But we did a shit loads of stuff to harm them. We cut their habitats, We burned it, We destroy it, We took it from them. And for the Javan Rhinoceros, I know there’s a conservation centre in Ujung Kulon or something, but there’s only 35 Javan Rhinoceros left in this whole world! Oh God. I mean, the earth is a huge place right? It is impossible for human to step on every country in their lifetime. That is how big the earth is. But in this very very big earth, there’s only 35 Javan Rhinoceros left! And only 4 of them are Female! Come on people, Rhinoceros is not human. Human breeds everytime they see their opposite sex, but not Rhinoceros. Rhinoceros pregnant for 16 months and only give birth to one baby Rhino at a time. I wonder why those animals called wild creature while the humans breeds every seconds and populate the world with morons.

    Humans are mean. Very mean. Let’s imagine if we swap our role with those animals. Imagine those Rhinoceros cutting and setting our houses into fire. Imagine those Rhinoceros hunt us down and cut our ears just because our ears can heal a disease. Imagine those Rhinoceros took a photo of us, put it into some website, typed down our description, and put the Conservation Status Chart below our photos and tell the world “hey look, its the human, they’re almost extinct! lol!” People need to realize this. People need to realize that the animals is not their own personal dolls to play. The animals doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the earth. Humans are mean, but their stupidity runs the world.

    Okay, this is where my text post ends. Just like what I told you before, this is a long ass text post and probably you won’t read this. But if you read this, thank you.

    These are the links to the Wikipedia Pages I’ve mentioned above:

    - Killer Whale (Orcinus Ocra)

    - Sumatran Orangutans

    - Javan Rhinoceros

    - Conservation Status

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